Typing Information

The following type aliases are defined for aiorabbit usage:

aiorabbit.types.FieldArray = typing.List[ForwardRef('FieldValue')]

A data structure for holding an array of field values.

aiorabbit.types.FieldTable = typing.Dict[str, ForwardRef('FieldValue')]

Field tables are data structures that contain packed name-value pairs.

The name-value pairs are encoded as short string defining the name, and octet defining the values type and then the value itself. The valid field types for tables are an extension of the native integer, bit, string, and timestamp types, and are shown in the grammar. Multi-octet integer fields are always held in network byte order.

aiorabbit.types.FieldValue = typing.Union[bool, bytearray, decimal.Decimal, typing.List[ForwardRef('FieldValue')], typing.Dict[str, ForwardRef('FieldValue')], float, int, NoneType, str, datetime.datetime]

Defines valid field values for a FieldTable and a FieldValue

aiorabbit.types.Arguments = typing.Union[typing.Dict[str, ForwardRef('FieldValue')], NoneType]

Defines an AMQP method arguments argument data type